Congratulations to our champion swimmers on their achievement at Clifton School's 2016 swim sports:


  • Senior girl: Sophie Connelly
  • Senior boy: Conrad Bundle
  • Intermediate girl: Sarah Connelly
  • Intermediate boy: Jake van Stipriaan-Luiscius


We would also like to recognise the efforts of our swim team who participated in the Cluster Swim Sports on Thursday 17 March.   In their age appropriate events, the results were as follows:


  • Sarah Connelly - 2nd in 50m freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke
  • Sophie Connelly - 2nd in 50m backstroke; 3rd in 50m breaststroke
  • Conrad Bundle - 1st 50m freestyle; 2nd in 50m breaststroke
  • Charly Ward - 1st in 50m freestyle
  • William Stephens - 1st in 50m backstroke
  • Clifton School Relay Team - 3rd across the cluster


These children can be proud of their achievements and the way they represented our school.   Thank you to Mrs Whitehouse for organising this event, and to parents who assisted with transport on the day.





Children from our junior school travelled to Sanson Community Pool to take part in their swim demonstration.    They were all very excited and were looking forward to showing their family and friends how their confidence and skills had improved.   Each group did a series of activities which they had been practising in their swimming lessons at school.   The large turnout of parents and family made it really special for the children.


Our school staff wish to thank the families for attending, the children for their enthusiasm in the pool, and for their excellent behaviour while waiting to take part.


A big thank you to Mrs Stephens and the Room 8 children for your help in the pool.   We all had a great afternoon!





It was so pleasing to see all the children enjoying competing in their events and some achieving personal best times. I thought the relays were a good way to finish off the afternoon which ran very smoothly thanks to Mrs Whitehouse's organisation. Thank you to all the parent helpers and the parents who attended.


Congratulations to our Champions:


  • Senior Boy and Girl: Conrad Bundle and Kali Pryce
  • Intermediate Boy and Girl: Owen Evans and Georgia Kirk
  • Junior Boy and Girl: Jake van Stipriaan-Luiscius and Sarah Connelly
  • Winning house:   Kowhai




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