The Board of Trustees is responsible for all aspects of the school's administration and governance. The principal is delegated the responsibility of implementing the curriculum and the day-to-day running of our school.


The Board of Trustees meets once a month except in January.


Our Board of Trustees are:


  • Chairperson: Michael Skates
  • Principal: Adrian Burn
  • Staff Representative: Jo Whitehouse
  • Secretary: Jade Bradley
  • Environment/Property: Peter Ayers
  • Finance:   Heidi Macaulay
  • Member: Danelle Whakatihi




Above: Tiger Turf surface opened in February 2012




The Board of Trustees request that parents make an annual donation to the school to help with extra spending in the curriculum areas and for projects that are outside the general running expenses of the school. These donations are the school's major fundraising activity. The amount charged is set at the beginning of each school year.


Schools cannot set mandatory fees which parents must pay, but the situation is such that schools are dependent on extra funds to provide necessary equipment and facilities which cannot be met through government funding. We are very dependent on parental generosity.


Activity Donation for current year:

  • One Child | $50.00
  • Maximum | $80.00




This policy outlines the Board of Trustees' commitment to child protection and recognises the important role and responsibility of all our staff in the protection of children.   A printed copy of the policy is available from our school office.






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